Friday, June 18, 2010

Simply Beautiful

For people that haven't taken a dive into the industry of fashion for people with disability, I surely advise that you do. Unfortunately surfing the fashion waves in Australia seems to be a little limited. America in particular offers a massive range of glamour and style designed directly for the needs of people with disability, no matter really what those needs may be. These specialised options may seem to divide the normal fashion industry and the fashion industry for disability, but really these options are just that: Options. They are designed to be the most comfortable, supportive and fitting, while also treasuring the bim bam bang of fashion.

One particular magazine sets a sparkle in my eye for it's uniqueness and creative light! Readers I would like to introduce you to the CHLOE Magazine, packed full of ...well everything. This fantastic specialty disability magazine is a magazine for women with disability and written by women with disability, which is a fact that I just think is fantastic.

The magazine covers a range of topics that appeal to a combination of women in general and specifically to women with disabilities. Topics include but are not limited to everyday life, travel, beauty, modelling, entertainment and arts, relationships, health and lifestyle, and even some content for the kiddies.

If only the magazine was in Australia! Unfortunately fabuolous Chole Magazine is based in USA, but it's still ripe for a read.

Another beauty icon of note is the glamorous Tiffiny in her blog BeautyAbility. Based in Minneapolis her blog is mostly about fashion. She is a writer, so no guesses that her words are great to read.

Perhaps I am not aware of our Aussie example of such great icons of beauty and fashion, perhaps my readers can enlighten me? But where's the juicy Aussie beauty mag fo us? Come on Australia, WE ARE HERE!

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