Monday, June 21, 2010

The Challenges and Achievements of Dyslexia

Quite a bit of conversation has revolved around Dyslexia and the great impact it has on an individual, in particular a person who is striving to achieve an education. Dyslexia is defined by difficulties with reading, language and words for no apparent reason. People with Dyslexia have problems with spelling, comprehension, reading and identification of words. I would like to raise awareness that Dyslexia is NOT a sign of low intelligence. In fact it is quite the opposite.

I put forward the challenge for every child growing up, taking homework home to do and finishing tasks in class. Writing is the key format for testing the success of children. For people with Dyslexia this is a really big issue. I remember in school children picking on other children because they had to use other coloured paper or coloured reading glasses. A close friend of mine still continues to be forgotten in her studies and finds it really hard without the appropriate support to be successful in written assignments. She knows her stuff, it's just hard to get that on to paper.

Something that really should be recognised by everyone is that when a person is handed a task of writing something or spelling etc, the task is much greater. If we measure the challenge of this task against a measure of accomplishment, the level of accomplishment for these individuals is much greater then your Joe Blogs. Imagine if the task was to write a can not measure the success of a person with Dyslexia against an author without. Their ability to accomplish and complete a task which is of their greatest difficulty is so fabulous and I think that we should recognise the greatness of these successes by recognising every one of their abilities.

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