Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Traveller - Diana Palmer

Catching up with Diana Palmer and her travels, it is coming to the end of her massive journey. We are looking forward to hearing about the different things she has learnt and to being jealous over the billions of photographs I am sure she took. One can only hope to be so lucky as to be sent on an opportunity such as this. But the hardworking nature and exceptional perseverance of our Traveller makes her accomplishments and this opportunity, very worthy!

Cambridge-Monday 17th May

I will come back to this and add some photos in the next day or two when I have a stable internet connection, but want to keep people up to date. Today we had to make a calculated decision. We were due to fly to Prague on Wednesday, however with the return of (albeit short lived) the volcanic ash and the looming threat of strikes by BA we felt that Prague was a risk, so spent most of the day looking at other options. Our plans now are to stay in Cambridge until Wednesday when we will head to Harwich to catch a Ferry direct to Denmark, so I can be sure to reach Sweden for the conference next week.

In Cambridge we have been very lucky to be guests of a Fellow of Trinity College which has meant we are staying in the Old Guest Room at Trinity (Accommodation used by Byron some years ago). Cambridge is incredible - an amazing history lesson all rolled into one. So in between sorting out bookings we have been wandering the streets of Cambridge and halls of Trinity and other Colleges. Not a bad place to have to spend an extra night at - the only downside has been no internet access at our accommodation, so has caused some frustrations toing and froing from Libraries and cafes etc. Oh well if that is all there is to complain about...

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