Monday, May 3, 2010

The 1000 Voices Life Story Project - by Sally Robinson

I don't know if my followers have heard of this program, but it is definitely one to watch. The 1000 Voices Life Story Project is quite an amazing project currently being developed by the Griffith University. I have asked Research Fellow, Sally Robinson, to provide a bit of information about the project. I advise visitors to this blog to look out for this project and to share their story! Learn about the Power of Sharing Life Narratives.

Sally Robinson

The purpose of the 1000 Voices project is to collect and display 1000 life narratives from people with disability from around the world.

With this collection of narratives we hope to build awareness of the lived experiences of people with disability; to provide opportunities for people with disability to have their own voice in determining how their lives are seen and heard; and to make sure that these voices become part of ongoing research, service, and policy development activity in Australia and beyond.

The project will centre on a public interactive website that will display and catalogue a minimum of 1000 life narratives from participants in Australia and participating countries.
 These life narratives will be presented in a number of multimedia and textual formats to accommodate our participating narrators’ communication abilities and needs.

Over time, the 1000 Voices project aims to:

o provide an accessible forum for the telling of your own story for people with disability;

o promote life narratives from people with disability to a wide international audience;

o facilitate and acknowledge many different ways of telling your story: narratives are not limited to written text;

o empower people with disability by giving them access to shared experiences of others;

o provide a link to national and international research and policy that can result in larger scale systemic change;

o provide a vast database from which policy makers and program developers or communities can find out more about lived experiences of people with disability.

During the next year, we have four main activities underway. These are:

1. To build the stories on the website – in terms of both numbers and diversity

2. To develop a training module for people with disabilities and their families, on a variety of techniques for life storytelling, as well as practical assistance on different formats that can be used on the 1000 Voices website

3. To start research about how these narratives can collectively influence policy and practice in human and disability services arenas

4. To bring together an international group of researchers and partners to set a research agenda and to hold a symposium about narrative and research which includes people with disability

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