Friday, September 6, 2013

My Choice Matters

My Choice Matters has been created to help people get the most out of the system changes to person-centred support and live life their way. My Choice Matters is managed by Council for Intellectual Disability NSW with funding from the NSW Government.

To help people understand these changes a number of workshops called ‘Getting Started’ will be held people with disability and family members to hear  from people who have been exercising more control, voice and choice. The Getting Started Workshops run for about 4 hours (with breaks) and will talk about some of the changes that lie ahead with more person centred approaches and the introduction of DisabilityCare Australia (the national disability insurance scheme.)

The workshops will focus on the elements of a good life and encourage everyone to think what that might look like in your life. On the day of the workshop participants will be taking part alongside other people with disability and family members.

Participants will learn about new thinking and new ideas that will help you to get started and prepare for the changes ahead. Below is a list of when and where these workshops will be held.

  • Bega - 10 September
  • Wollongong - 14th September
  • Taree - 17 September
  • Kempsey - 18 September - Workshop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
  • Tamworth - 19 September
  • Webinar - 21 September
  • Albury - 24 September
  • Wagga Wagga - 25 September
  • Griffith - 26 September
  • Sutherland - 28 September
  • Sydney - CBD 2 October
  • Webinar - 3 October
  • Queanbeyan - 4 October
  • Erina - 17 October
  • Ryde / Epping - 19 October

The ‘webinars’ can be accessed anywhere, as long as you have a computer with internet access. Details of the addresses and times of the workshops as well as webinar details will be given when you register. 

To find out more information or register you can visit or call My Choice Matters on 1800144 653.

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