Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Qantas can “DisabilityCare”

It's really great to hear a good news story coming about as a result of people with disability traveling with airlines.

image showing John's wheelchair with orange fragile tape, and 2 signs saying 'My chair is my legs, please handle with care. 150kg all electrics cables have been disconnected'
'My chair is my legs, handle with care'
Here special guest John McKenna writes about his experience on a recent trip using Qantas.

“When that has pups I’ll have one” as he pointed at my wheelchair.

A nice change to the normal “Wow how fast does it go?”
I’ve just arrived in far North Queensland and I must admit I love the spirit and personality of the locals.
Apart from the warmth and friendly people, the highlight has to be so far knowing my wheelchair traveled safely, thanks Qantas.

image showing John transferring to his seat in the plane using the eagle lifter with 2 staff assisting.
John transferring to his seat using the Eagle Lifter
It’s all about the preparation and signage that makes it easy for the luggage handlers who have to work with variety of mobility devices.

Other travelers in wheelchairs sometimes however prefer to have their own chair at the plane’s door when getting in and off the plane which can make it hard to prepare your chair for transporting of course.

My experiences with the staff at Qantas who communicated with me in a very respectful way as they introduced and used the “Eagle Lifter” to transfer me in to my seat on the plane.

The Eagle Lifter will soon be an option for passengers using Jetstar.

You can view John's original post and his blog here at www.johnmckenna.com.au

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