Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Close Your Mouth, Block Your Ears, Now Let’s Communicate……

Thanks to John for his latest post..... 

No longer should we  just watch wonder and guess.

There is now a AUSLAN training DVD that has the A to Z of signs and over 1,350 makaton signs (key word-sign and gesture)

AUSLAN is the sign language of the Australian deaf community.

The term AUSLAN is an acronym of “Australian sign language”, coined by Trevor Johnson in the early 
1980s, although the language itself is much older. (thanks for that Wikipedia)

On this training DVD each sign has a slow and normal speed so you can see how signs are formed, how they move whilst practising at the same time.

As my limbs are not AUSLAN friendly, I have not been able to embrace this language all that much, however have picked up a bit over the years, and think it’s a fantastic language.

Well done to Darren Roberts and the team at the Australian Auslan company, for producing this user-friendly training material, there are no more  excuses for those of us who think, “I don’t have time to attend classes”

I believe that all Australians need to make more of an effort to learn this unique language.
A presenter working with an AUSLAN interpreter

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