Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thanks to John for his latest post. There is a new group starting up that some of our Melbourne readers might be interested in, please see John's reference to this.

Thanks to all of you my weekly post now goes out to 202 people as of yesterday.
I normally like to mark the occasion with something different as I did when I hit the 100 mark, Simon and I developed the “Disability Maze” illustration which is still on my site and gets a lot of interest.
Anyway a big thank you for your support.
The Victorian Auditors General Office report on “Individualised Funding for Disability Services” was released on 14th September.
It has an interesting balance of positive evidence from people whose lives are really benefiting along with concerns that the Department of Human Services needs greater assurance that funds are being spent appropriately.
As someone who has been closely involved over the past seven years as a recipient of funding and an Advocate I know how valuable it is to learn from others as peers who are also navigating this new way of funding.
Introducing – Peer Support to Buy Support – Melbourne
Its opportunity for people and families to get together & talk about a range of disability funding challenges whilst sharing with each other the good and the bad experiences.

This group is not connected with any organisation is purely made up of people who are happy to meet up and thrash out, (nicely) topics such as
What’s important when I’m preparing to have my funding plan reviewed?
Go to the Peer Support To Buy Support Melbourne site that has been set up using a great on-line resource known as “Meet up” to get details about the first meeting scheduled for Monday, 24th October 2011 at 6 PM
It’s important that I clarify that this particular initiative is an idea that has been preventing me from having a good sleep for ages and not linked to my advocacy role with VALID.
Peer Support to Buy Support Get Together

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