Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put Your Best Stick Forward

Today we welcome new guest blogger John Mckenna talking about some sticky business, he writes on his blog here: http://www.johnmckenna.com.au/

Check the height of that walking stick.

It frustrates me when I notice a great number of seniors using a stick that is too long for them.
It stands out a mile when you see a senior person using a stick and there elbow is almost at right angles.

Ideally when a person first gets a stick they are assessed by a health professional, however this often doesn’t happen.

A common scenario is that they are given a stick along with the advice from a well meaning friend “Here use of this, it will keep you from falling over and help you to stand up straight”
Yes of course a stick can be of great benefit, but only if it is the right height.

Things to consider when getting the right height for the person using the walking stick.

If purchasing a stick for the first time from a pharmacy, go for a stroll in the shop using their height adjustable stick.

Now you can determine if this stick is going to assist whilst also determining the correct height.
Once you have the height right then select your stick.

If just wanting to check the height of your existing stick try this as a guide.
Hold the stick with a handle on the ground beside you then stand to attention.
Using 2 cm above your wrist bone as a guide can give you a good indication of the correct height.
Your elbow should only be slightly bent.

 It’s also important to realise people use walking sticks for different reasons, so ultimately do seek advice from a health professional.

Getting your walking stick height right

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