Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to DisCo: Disability Conversations

DisCo – Disability Conversations is a blog specifically designed for all things disability - people with disability, older people, carers, supporters, family members, service providers are invited to share there feelings, thoughts and voice in a collective online forum.

What experiences do we share? How can we change the face of society and spread the many voices within the disability sector without being muffled by culture?

I am the host of this blog, but I invite you to be my exceptional guests in an online venture to break the very barriers that restrict the speech of all things disability.

I hope to encourage a larger, more diverse dialogue. With the resources of the many minds that contribute to this online vision, these Disability Conversations may change the very face of tomorrow through information and story.

I work for a generic information service, IDEAS. It is easy for us to bring information to the people to enable independent living, but it is an aspiration of ours to hear as many stories and thoughts that circle around the word ‘DISABILITY’ as possible.

I welcome you to argue, match or approve of my many ramblings and should you have your own story to tell DisCo provides an optimum outlet. To share your story with the broader disability community contact me on 1800 029 904 or

I would like to pay thanks to all the wonderful guest bloggers who have and will contribute to this blog. Your words are an inspiration and a wonderful starting point for a unique Disability Conversation.


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