Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disability not the Problem in an Accessible Society

Image showing the title page of the 'National Disability Strategy NSW Implementation Plan' featuring people with disability accessing the community and work.The above is the statement the NSW Government recently made when it released the "The National Disability Strategy NSW Implementation Plan 2012 -2014". A long title indeed.

The plan commits all areas of government to shift the structural and attitudinal barriers which impact on the lives of people with disability.

The National Disability Strategy NSW Implementation Plan outcomes areas are:
  • Inclusive and accessible communities - transport, housing, buildings, websites
  • Rights protection, justice and legislation – address criminal justice issues, improve access to complaints handling, support people with disability to stand for local government elections in 2016, maximise people’s autonomy through supported decision making
  • Economic security and employment - provide incentives to employ people with disability, create pathways for school leavers and volunteering opportunities
  • Access to personal and community support – through self directed supports and individualised funding, assistive technology, housing for Aboriginal people with mental illness
  • Learning and skills development - early childhood education, improve options to develop skills through community participation, life choices and active ageing
  • Health and wellbeing – improve access to health services, prevention and screening programs

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