Friday, July 15, 2011

Joanna Gaga?

Thanks to Joanna for her latest post:

No not me. Sydney. Lady Gaga came to town. She came, kids screamed. Otherwise serious “news magazine” tv hosts swooned. And GaGa (whose name is apparently Stefani Joanne) sat in a wheelchair during one of her performances.

The fact that it was in Sydney’s Town Hall is an irony that doesn’t escape me (for those that know me offline.
I am not fan. I had figured that I wouldn’t be. I had judged a book by it’s cover, and I’m ready to admit I was wrong. I assumed that given her fan base of tweeny boppers (“little monsters”) and those prepared to dress in obscure costume I would find the music too harsh, among other adjectives.

I didn’t see the nightclub or town hall performances. I didn’t see the wheelchair stunt as some are calling it. But I did see her tv interview here and her performance after the interview in the glass box. I have an admission. I liked it. Based on those two events I like her. The fact that she went on to roll out on stage doesn’t (having heard her speak) change my view.

She is remarkably level headed and passionate about inclusion. I understand from the Huffington Post piece that she has offended some of her fans and overseas disability groups, but less so here. Here as long as it was done consciously it has been received ok.

I was asked 5 times yesterday how I felt. That’s my answer. Like others I was more just jealous that she could get a chair that worked for her purposes so quickly especially after my recent experiences!

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  1. I hadn't heard about this.

    I'm not really a Gaga fan either, but from what I have heard of her, she strikes me as quite intelligent. As someone who used a wheelchair for over a year myself, I understand why some group are offended; but I'm more willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that there was a purpose behind her action than I'd be for most other "pop" performers out there today if they tried something similar.